PRAG Central Stabilizers now at Game Stores
by Biodun Marquis | July 10, 2012


PRAG has announced the availability of its Central Stabilizers at Game Stores in Nigeria.

Traditionally, consumers buy separate stabilizers for their Television, Fridge, Freezer and Air Conditioner. Other appliances such as Lights, Washing Machine in the house are not stabilized and are powered directly from public mains supply which puts appliance at risk.

PRAG’s concept is “One Central Stabilizer” for your entire flat, home or office. Everything in the house is stabilized. The Stabilizers come in two Models: Servo and Relay. Relay is targeted to economic buyers, while Servo is the premium Model.

There are many areas in Nigeria experiencing unstable--low, high and fluctuating--NEPA voltage. PRAG Central Stabilizers correct these anomalies and provide steady voltage to an entire house.  Apart from voltage regulation, the Stabilizers also provide Voltage Protection.

The Stabilizers are wall mounted and user friendly. They come with Large LCD display that shows input and output voltages, load level and other operating conditions.

PRAG Stabilizers are cost effective with high utility value. At a reasonably price, a home has voltage stabilization and protection for the entire house. They are the “new school” of home stabilizers.

PRAG is a world class brand for Home Appliances, Voltage Stabilizers/Automatic Voltage Regulators, Personal Electronics and Consumer Health Monitoring Technology.