by Kelechi Okorie | October 08, 2011

A brand which has strongly emerged in the last few years, as the leading power back-up solution in Nigeria and West Africa, Cyberpower Inverter was one of the super brands that picked up awards in various categories as leading media organization, The City People Media group doled out awards to deserving products in this part of the world. It was on the occasion of City People Brands Awards 2011 which was held at Regency Hotel, Coconut Groove, Ridge, Accra Ghana on October 8th 2011.

The City People Brands Awards is one of the most prestigious awards event in Nigeria and It was the first time the event was held in Ghana, following previous events in Nigeria and the location of the event this time was against the backdrop of the incursion of the City People Media Group into the Ghanaian market along with numerous Nigerian organizations which have berthed in the Gold Coast.

Like all the other numerous award winners, Cyberpower was adjudged as the clear leader in its category. This comes on the heels of a very aggressive marketing campaign embarked upon in the last four years by the Nigerian franchisee of the product, Pragmatic Technologies Ltd trading as Buyright, run by a seasoned electrical/electronic engineer and a leader in the gadget market in Nigeria, Mr Biodun Marquis. Consequently, Cyberpower has become a household name in Nigeria in particular.

For a country still grappling with epileptic power supply, Cyberpower Inverter has not only become a sine-quan-non for individuals but for a whole lot of small businesses and even large organizations. The relative convenience and the sheer durability of the product, is especially what has endeared it to its customers. In picking Cyberpower inverter as the winner of power back-up category, the award committee weighed its advantages against all the other competitors in the market and decided it deserves the prize.

Technically known as Emergency Power System (EPS), Cyberpower is designed and developed by state-of-the-art micro-controller technology for lighting, generator, heater, refrigerator, motors, and other apparatus to provide resources in a crisis or when regular systems fail. some of its advantages over its competitors includes its noiseless and maintenance free nature and Its automatic changeover ability is also a favourite of customers because it ensures that your appliance remain powered between disruptions in main electricity supply. Other reasons Cyberpower is No 1 in its category in Nigeria and West Africa is its competitively low cost-to-benefit ratio, faster charging (3 to 5 times faster) than other brands, generator compatibility (works with all generators), affordable DC input voltage and battery expansion capability.

The uniqueness of the product in the local market includes its battery expansion capability, automatic voltage regulation, intelligent display (tells you all you need to know - inverter load, battery remaining capacity etc) as it removes guess work in inverter management which makes it very user friendly. Cyberpower powers air conditioners, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, pumping machine and other appliances. It also functions as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and can be used for computers, servers, ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) and telecoms applications. Buyright is know for its marketing and after-service strength in Nigeria, offers full technical support. The inverter comes in different capacities, including 5KVA, 3KVA, 1.5KVA and 1KVA

City People Brand Awards 2011 committee picked winners based on expert assessment in all categories as well as inputs and comments from readers of all its titles. City People Media Group publishes City People Magazine (weekly), City People Quarterly, City People Fashion and Style Digest, City People Today's Fashion as well as City People Extra. City People titles are the widest circulating magazines in Nigeria and the organization now has branches and in Ghana and Dubai and also circulates widely there. City People Media Group also has an entertainment outfit called City People Entertainment.

In tandem, the globe has become a turf for a lot of Nigeria mega brands as they increasingly take their businesses beyond Nigeria and to the world. It is a trend that is fast establishing Nigeria as the true giant of Africa and has become a source of pride to our compatriots. This also is a mark of the ingenuity and dexterity of Nigeria businessmen and women. More than ever before, the African continent is indeed yearning for Nigerian goods and services and the country's economy is the better for it. Even international brands from other parts of the world have been using Nigeria as a fulcrum to extend to other parts of Africa because this where the business is.

Hence, the annual City People Brands Awards and Exhibition, an event that hitherto celebrates the best consumer brands in Nigeria was held in Ghana this year. Fittingly, the theme for the award this year, was - Celebrating The Best Consumer Brands In Nigeria and Ghana. This move was symbolic as it was extra-ordinary. This special event looked at these Nigerian and international brands that have built a conglomerate beyond these shores with special emphasis on the West Africa Coast.