by Seye Faroyimi | August 14, 2011

In a bid to provide a reliable option for consumers in the area of Voltage Stabilization, Pragmatic Technologies Limited, A leading name in Technology solutions has recently introduced the PRAG Central Servo Voltage Stabilizer (PC-SVS).

PC-SVS or Programmed Control Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Series is designed as a central stabilizer to handle all in electrical loads in a typical flat/house while extra unit(s) of it will be required for larger premises with loads exceeding 10KVA. Due to special transformer servo technology, PC-SVS can handle inductive load such as air conditioners and take greater surge which offers more reliability and performance than traditional relay stabilizers. PC-SVS is wall mounted and works on digital and servo technology.

While attending to questions from Journalists at the venue of the  Media Launch in Lagos, the Product Executive, Electrical Home Appliances of the organization, Mr. Bosun Ojerinde stated that “ The PC-SVS Stabilizer also called Central Servo Stabilizers is a technological innovation which helps to protect all your equipment with only a single stabilizer instead of buying a stabilizer for each appliance or equipment, it is a technological breakthrough and it is new in Nigeria”. Other advantages of the PRAG Voltage Stabilizers according to Ojerinde are digital technology and user-friendly colour LCD display. Moreover they also serve as AVS (Automatic Voltage Switch) thereby providing low and over voltage protection. Other features of the Central Stabilizers are Wide input voltage , Steady output voltage and Digital Control .According to Ojerinde, with the Introduction of this product, Servo Technology which use to be an exclusive preserve of the rich is now being made available to everyone because of its affordable price.

Pragmatic Technologies is a major player in the Technologies market with interest in Power Backup (Inverters/Batteries),Renewable /Alternative Energy, Power Regulation & Protection, Electrical Home Appliances, Computer Products & Peripherals, Personal Electronics, Electrical Lighting, IT Solutions, Mobile Communication and Banking Technology.

The Central Stabilizer-PC-SVS is available for sale at BuyRight Shops and other leading stores nationwide.